Stationary Stories or Stationery Stories? A small difference of an “a” versus an “e”, but with a totally different meaning! All about stationery (aka paper goods) here, and not about being stationary (aka standing still). I see stationery spelt wrong everywhere, from the local post office to actual stationery designers and also shops selling “Stationary Stories”. A mistake made by all too many, so I  figured I needed to write a little blogpost to highlight this. 

My target for Stationery Stories is be dynamic, to grow and make continuous improvements and keep on learning and having fun in the field of illustration and paper goods. So here is to being everything but stationary! Although my key target for tonight is to be quite stationary and plonk myself onto the sofa and relax. 

So how to remember when to write stationary or stationery?  Webster’s dictionary (or it is dictionery ;)) has the following suggestion. When you mean paper, it is stationery! And my addition: if you have one too many a bloody Mary you will be pretty stationary