Stationery Stories is full of new ideas after spending a day as a guest seller at the annual Santa Tram event organised by Amsterdam Mamas.  It was a fun day full of Christmas festivities. trams, Santa and his elves and creativity! The special Stationery Stories occasion card made a cute little momento of the event, but the key take-away has been new ideas! 

While personally I was getting into the Christmas spirit at this magical and historical place, designers of all sorts have to think a season ahead. And what better way to gather ideas for Spring than asking those around you. Today I was surrounded by the most adorable kids and their parents who were happy to participate in the Spring design challenge. The intention was to get one great new idea and work it out in my Spring collection. 

I can tell you already that that is not going to happen. There are already two that I just need to work out and a lot of material to combine into a third, fourth or maybe even fifth design. I was also just wowed away by the effort and especially cuteness of the drawings submitted. And there is this one drawing which is just super just as it is – this kid needs to start her own stationery line! 

So yes, my idea of one winning idea is not going to happen, there will be multiple! More on this soon, but for now some sneak peaks!