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Valérie loves red and Sally loves blue and we love the creative process of it all.

We like to see it as a yin/yang creative ping pong ball match. 

Let’s call you yellow and you are welcome to play or you can lean back, watch from the sidelines & throw opinions our way. Either way, with your special addition we can make all colours which will always lead to something new and creative and uniquely fitting to you and the occasion. 

Coming up with novel creative ideas is our forte. We do this by asking questions, experimenting, doing research and by immersing ourselves in our projects. We keep a compartment in our mind for each project and soak up inspiration from wherever we find ourselves: from holidays, art shows to everyday life. 

No project is too crazy for us and we work best when the reigns are free. We are just not your one trick ponies, we just love the creative process too much for that.  

With our event and project management backgrounds we naturally think along with your event, styling and requirements so we can propose practical solutions too and keep in mind deadlines. No flying away menu’s in the wind for example! 


We are both creative at heart and as such we don‘t work with a set amount of revisions or propose three options of which you can choose one. We rather spend our time getting to know you and the event and we are a big fan of creating sketchy sketches and sharing ideas before creating the real deal. 

While our design process is accommodating and bespoke, your engagement will always include: