Julia’s card 

Julia has this gift of making her daily life and that of those around her beautiful. She does so with her music, design ideas, cooking and the omnipresent fresh flowers in her house. Most of all she touches people with her thoughtfully chosen gifts and words. Creating a personalised notecard set as a surprise gift for Julia was therefore such a nice challenge.

It had to be something that she could use for all occasions: as a thank you card, but also to congratulate someone with their birthday or newborn. And at the same time the card should be suitable for writing words of encouragement or support to friends and family. Basically, it had to be a card to replace all other cards.

The idea was something simple, classic yet floral and a tad scandivanian. And somehow to incorporate her beloved cocker spaniel and her music. It is easy to get fixated on trying to incorporate everything in one design, but sometimes it is best not to. The key design therefore combines a selection of her favourite flowers as subtle musical notes as well as her cello. Her dog features at the back of the card as a little surprise element as well as on the envelope sticker. This gives Julia the versatility to make the card more or less playful.

The stationery set for Julia is painted with custom blended paint using only three base colours which gives it a coherent and balanced look. The stationery set consists of a double printed 300 gram Dutch paper card, matching envelopes and envelope stickers.

Nothing makes me feel more special than receiving a personal letter in the mail. I was over the moon when I received this gorgeous personal gift and happy that I can send these beautiful designs to the ones I love most.