Corporate stationery

Nizana contacted me as she wanted chic corporate stationery for her lifestyle company Quainterelle. The main products she sells are motivational jewelry from renowed brands like Momentum Jewelry. The brief was to create gorgeous cards that she could give to her clients as gift cards for any presents. The main card would also have to be able to double up as her corporate compliments card. And she also wanted a matching “not so Christmassy” holiday card. The cards had to be personal to Nizana but also encompass the products she sells and some motivational mantras.

 I received a little handwritten list of brand elements and scowered through her personal and business instagram for further inspiration. Quaintrelle is all about positivity, active lifestyle, freedom and following your dreams. The key inspiration was actually her existing logo: a Q in a cirle which I thought looked so much like a sunhat. Something that fitted her island-lifestyle and the feelings that her brand evokes. I added Nizana and her bracelets and voila! A new brand image was born.

Another key element are lemon branches. I just think they are beautiful, but they are also fitting for a tropical healthy island lifestyle. Yellow is a fresh and happy colour and lemons are a symbol of positivity. Nizana quickly came up her new mantra “live with zest” and ordered her personalised sunhat online.

So it ended up being a lot more than just those two cards! Namely a whole brand revamp with more stationery and on and offline illustrations to fit Facebook and actual banners and much more. And most importantly, it gave Nizana and her brand a fresh new impulse to further catapult her business.


I love love love it!