What the FAQ?

Hereby the most frequently asked questions.

Subject to be updated as we go along. In case of any discrepancies, our T&Cs and contract are of course leading.

I see that you only provide custom quotations, can you still give a general price indication?

So our pricing all comes down to numbers, details, amount of assembly and calligraphy needed. But over the years we can roughly say that our average pricing for a wedding based on 70/80 guests is along these lines: 

  • Save the date is approximately €2.500,00 including print, assembly & address calligraphy
  • Invitation (e.g. window fold & multiple die cut cards) €3.500,00  including print, assembly and address calligraphy 
  • ‘Day-of’ stationery including, a welcome note & itinerary, welcome dinner menu, wedding day, ceremony order of service, escort cards, dinner menu and bar menu about €6.500,00 onwards including print, assembly and name calligraphy


Can you tell me more about the payment method?

We will send out an invoice directly to the client or to the planner with a 30% down payment.
You can pay via bank transfer and for European clients there is an easy IDeal link.

How much VAT do you charge?

21% on stationery items when you are based in Europe.

You mention that your printer is flexible,but what is the general timeframe that we're talking about?

Our printer is nearby and has a lead time of about two to three days and we do not need to book a time slot in advance, so yes they are super fast.

We do not know the details yet for our day-of items, by when do we need to decide?

As mentioned, our printer is extremely fast as well as our DHL courier which makes us very flexible too. However we always recommend that we work with draft texts and general assumptions which we can fine tune or change later. Then at least we can book time slots in our own diary for you.

Do you allow your clients to do the print work themselves?

We are happy to send over the digital files for your client to print themselves. Please share all specs beforehand in terms of sizing etc and we will send over the high resolution files via wetransfer.

Can I use the logo/ images you have created for me for our website, print on XYX?

We are happy to send over the digital files for your client to print themselves. Please share all specs beforehand in terms of sizing etc. and we will send over the high resolution files via wetransfer. You are very welcome to use what we have created for you for your personal use. We do recommend that you share your ideas with us so we can keep this in mind when we are designing and editing so that we do not have to re-paint or re-edit something again so that it can be blown up for a huge flag or so.

Do you do partial projects like only the day-of stationery? Or do you only accept full projects?

We love to do the whole projects so all items are creatively aligned. As we mostly do destination weddings save-the-dates are often sent already though. We do love a good table setting so we also accept ‘day-of’ stationery projects. However do keep in mind that we do prioritise full wedding projects so that our diary (and mostly creative headspace) are not cluttered with too many smaller projects.

Another artist has created my save-the-date/crest/invitation. Can you re-use and incorporate elements in the invitation / day-of stationery?

This is a tricky one. Our forte is the creative aspect of our work and coming up with novel designs. So we like to start from scratch instead of finishing someone else’s work. However, in our designs we can incorporate certain colour schemes, a logo, font and we sometimes incorporate personal elements that e.g. the groom has painted.

Do you re-use artwork? How bespoke is bespoke really? Will you use my bespoke design for another client?

From a legal point of view all artwork created by us is still owned by us. That said, we do not like to re-use artwork and our starting point is that we always create new designs. We just don’t like to repeat projects, we love the creativity too much. We may re-use parts of artwork we have created, but it will always be different. Unless of course you choose to go semi-bespoke.

What semi-bespoke or standard designs do you offer?

Yes, so we are working hard on this and they will soon be shared on the website! Keep your eyes peeled!

What is your design ethos?

We think when you go bespoke it should be really bespoke. And not something that in theory can be used for every second couple getting married at your venue. We also think designs should be timeless and not following the latest trend – it should just really reflect you as a couple and your event vibe. We still want you to love it a few years down the line and not look back at it like a ‘Princess Di wedding dress’.

We would like classical calligraphy. Can you also do that?

Sally’s handwriting is versatile, however for very classical calligraphy we will enlist local calligraphers.

I have an example which we love, can you please copy that?

We always say, if you really like Sammy/Happy/LEH etc, please ask them to do your stationery instead. While we are not married to a particular style (we just love to experiment and mix things up), we of course uphold artistic integrity and we create our stationery designs ourselves.

But can you copy something that you did yourself before?

In theory yes, but we only want to do that for our semi-bespoke line.

How do you communicate with clients? How do you share drafts and proofs with your clients

We love to plan in a first date via an exploratory call where we get to know each other and exchange ideas and how you envision your wedding to be like. Based on this we make our quotation, after approval and the down payment is done, the project officially starts. 

We will set up up a Google document where we enlist all specs for the requested items – this will serve as our guiding document throughout the project. We will add in the sketches/drafts to final proofs etc per item as well as the key specs like quantities, paper finishings, text details etc. Clients/Planners can place their comments and we can centralise some key questions etc here. 

We will also set up a WhatsApp group for the more informal exchanges – sharing of more general thoughts and to ask quick questions. In addition we usually have a few calls in between – to go through the sketches/ideas, discuss how the table scapes will look like etc and to do some “live” changes on the spot. If you are in town (or we are in your town) we like to have face-to-face meetings. We like the whole process to be iterative and for the communication lines to be open.

What if I still want revisions? Is there a set amount?

We don’t have a rigid procedure of number of revisions as we like the process to be iterative and that we are all happy with the final results. We do of course assume that when choosing us you love our style, trust the process and our eye for design and details.

After approval of our design you can of course do refinements but that doesn’t mean an entirely new design

How do you send out packages of stationery?

We are extremely cautious about wrapping our stationery designs. So we start with bubble wrap and wrap it with thick paper tied together with our Stationery Stories ribbon. We love the idea of our stationery all wrapped up by a bow.  

How long does it take for a Parcel to arrive within Europe?

We ship all our parcels with DHL Express. Normally they have a next day delivery policy. but we always ship our parcels two weeks in advance of the wedding date. In case something goes wrong (luckily never happened to us) we still have time to reprint, assemble and wrap it with a bow once more. 

How long does it take for a parcel to arrive in the USA?

Normally it takes 2-3 business days

How many projects do you take on yearly?

We can only take on a certain amount of clients a year. We like to mix it up with smaller and bigger projects and we always keep some space for last minute requests as they tend to be the most fun ones. We only open up our calendar one year in advance.