Michelle & Alana Marie

Michelle’s request was so original that I started sketching straight away. She wanted a very special personalised correspondence set. Namely, one for her, one for her 4 year-old and one for them together. Three different designs, but all belonging to the same family so to speak. With a simple more formal design for Michelle and the other two more whimsical. 

They live a busy social life in Aruba so it had to fit the scene: fun and tropical with hues of blue and hot pink. A card to send as a RSVP to their many invitations or afterwards as a thank you card. The other requirement was that it had to feature their favourite flower, the Bougainvillea. As for the rest “Have fun” she wrote, “I trust your creativity”. And the design process was so much fun and the results too! 

I asked Michelle to send me some pictures of important elements of their lives and I browsed through her Instagram for further inspiration. Although her daughter is still so young I thought it would be so practical if her card did not age too quickly. In other words, cute but not too cute. So yes to her cuddly rabbit (but subtle) and a double yes to her cocker spaniels. Instagram further revealed an island life full of Panama hats, sunglasses, pearls, red lipstick, drinking coffee, beach life, pink flamingo’s and gorgeous architecture. 

I thought it would be fun to depict different scenes of their daily lives capturing their joie de vivre, their style and personal meaningful elements. I sent my “quick and dirty” sketches to Michelle to make sure we were on the same page before I started painting. The Panama hats, bougainvillea and the same colour scheme tie the cards together. And if you look very carefully you can see Michelle’s favourite coffee mug on the balcony scene too. Most important of all is that the stationery suite just screams Michelle’s saying “#this is us”. 

The stationery suite consists of three different designs printed on a single sided 300 gram Dutch artisan card and matching envelopes.

This set is everything I hoped for and then some. What a dream to work with Stationery Stories. She captured Alana and my story